Fouziya Kutty and Sheik Abdul Taher of Fouziya’s Cooking on their food philosophy and why it is important to eat clean.
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Fouziyas Cooking


Fouziya Kutty and Sheik Abdul Taher of Fouziya’s Cooking on their food philosophy and why it is important to eat clean.

The beginning

“A friend with a large harvest of organic lemons decided to drop off a big heap with us. I decided to make a date-and-lime pickled chutney and distributed the 12 kilograms to family and friends,” recalls Kutty. Friends could not get enough of the sweet-and-sour condiment, and many demands later, she ventured to bottle her adventures in the kitchen and introduced them on store shelves.
“Fouziya’s Cooking” as a brand emerged in 2013, thanks to her husband Sheik Abdul Taher, who runs a branding and advertising company.
Completely self-taught, with a sprinkling of cooking tips from various aunties and grandmothers, Kutty has an array of spreads, including strawberry, mango, apple-fig, banana, peanut butter and orange marmalade. Her savoury sauces include Schezwan sauce, tomato ketchup, Pasta Sauce and the original favourite, the date and lime pickle chutney.

Slow food movement

Proponents of the slow food movement, Kutty and Taher have focussed on creating a line of natural products that uses only locally-sourced ingredients. They source organic produce, wherever possible. Even the oil, salt, sugar and spices used are unrefined and organic. “I believe that if I don’t want to consume something, I should not make my customers either. We use only fresh fruits and vegetables in the spreads and sauces. Our spreads have a fruit content of 65% to 70%. We don’t use preservatives, added colours or flavours,” she informs. For instance, the couple scours suppliers to find naturally-brewed soy sauce for the Schezwan sauce, instead of settling for easily available “chemical concoctions”.

Growing awareness

While Fouziya Heads R& D and production, Taher heads the Marketing & Branding aspect of the Business. Commenting on the food technology movement and consumer response, Taher says, “The standard narrative of food technology has basically been to process and preserve food so that it can be stored for long periods. Important things such as the health impact of using chemical-based additives and preservatives took the back seat. But now, there is a growing awareness and people are beginning to appreciate these issues. There are now ways of growing and preserving food without the use of harmful chemicals.”

Organic / Natural Seasonal Fruits

We are very selective with our ingredients – only the best, Organic /Natural seasonal fruits are used in our jams, spreads, sauces and pickles.

More Fruit! Less Sugar!

We focus on more fruit and less sugar in our products. Our spreads have a fruit content of 60% to 70%… far more than regular jams and spreads.

Traditional & Wholesome

All our products are made using traditional cooking methods and in small batches. This allows us to retain all the amazing flavours, colours and textures of the fruits and vegetables.

Organic-Natural & Chemical Free!

We don’t use any chemical preservatives, artificial colours or additives. We use only organic sugar, spices and organic oil bringing wholesome, healthy goodies your way!

100% Vegetarian Facility

All our products are handmade at 100% vegetarian facility.

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Fouziyas Cooking
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