Fouziya Kutty and Sheik Abdul Taher of Fouziya’s Cooking on their food philosophy and why it is important to eat clean.
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Do you read the Label?

A pretty picture on the front of the package might suggest one thing, but the ingredients list is where you’ll get the real story.

Not only will it tell you what a food is made of, but it can also give you clues as to how much of a certain ingredient is in a food. “Ingredients are listed by weight, with the first three to five ingredients typically making up 80 percent of the product.

If you spot clean, minimally processed ingredients—whole foods such as fruit or nuts—near the top, you can feel good knowing those ingredients make up the bulk of the food. But the opposite is also true.

If the first few ingredients on the list are things such as sugar, then you’re eating mostly, well, sugar. In fact, the ingredients list is a much better indicator of how much added sugar is in whatever you’re eating, since the grams listed under nutrition facts include all sugar, including the kind that naturally occurs in fruit & vegetables.

Eat Safe. Eat Healthy. Enjoy.

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