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crispy chilli oil




Crispy Chilli oil makes everything taste better! This chilli oil has a magical ability to elevate EVERYTHING! A plate of noodles or a bowl of fried rice just isn’t as good without some delicious chiLli oil on top….go ahead use as a dip, spread, dressing or marinade.

Ingredients: Cold pressed sunflower oil, dry chillies, onion, garlic, spices, natural vinegar, NATURALLY BREWED soya sauce, raw unrefined sugar & unprocessed salt.

Weight: 180 gms

Shelf life: 10 months from the date of pack

Storage and handling instruction: Refrigerate after opening. Use a dry spoon for every fresh serving. Once opened – Consume within 8 weeks. Always Use Dry Spoon

All Natural Ingredients
No preservatives
No added chemicals


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